How To Integrate WooCommerce with Get Bookings WP?

The purpose of this integration is to have access to other payment gateways  that are not available in Get Bookings WP (but are supported by WooCommerce).

So, if you enable this integration, customers will be redirected to a WooCommerce cart after the details step and payments from Get Bookings WP Plugin will be disabled.

First, you will need to install and activate WooCommerce plugin.

The key for this integration is creating a WooCommerce product and associate it with a service on Get Bookings WP plugin. So.. make sure you have create at least one service by following the Creating a new Service guide.

1 – Create your Services.

2- Create the same services as products in WooCommerce.

3 – Create a link between Get Bookings WP and WooCommerce products.

Now, you have to add the booking form in a page.

[getbookingswp_appointment activate_woocommerce=’yes’]

PLEASE NOTE: You have¬† to include the option activate_woocommerce=’yes’.

From now, the WooCommerce will handle the checkout process. This way you can accept all the payment gateways offered by WooCommerce





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