Google Calendar Integration

In order to start using Google Calendar you will need to get a Client ID and Client Secret. Please do the following in order to get them.

1)  Go to the Google Developers Console.

2)  Select a project, or create a new one.

If this is your first project you will see a project menu at the top left side.

Just click on it and you will see the following PopUp.

Set your custom Project’s name. Then, click on Create.

3) Next, click on Apis & Service – Library. In the list of APIs look for Google Calendar API and make sure it is enabled.

Click on Google Calendar API.

Click on the “Enable” button.

You will be taken to the API Dashboard, just click on the OAuth consent screen.

Click OAuth consent screen tab, select user type and provide the necessary information (App name, User support email and Developer contact information). Then click “Save and continue”. You can leave the following settings unchanged.

Set your authorized domains.

4) We recommend to change the publishing status of your app to In production by clicking on the “Publish app” button.

5)  In the sidebar on the left, select Credentials (, and in Create credentials drop-down menu select OAuth client ID.

6) Select ‘Web application’ and create your project’s OAuth 2.0 credentials by providing the necessary information.

IMPORTANT: For Authorized redirect URIs enter the Redirect URI found in Get Bookings WP menu > Settings > Google Calendar.

7) In the popup window look for the Client ID and Client secret. Use them in GetBookingsWP menu > Settings > Google Calendar.


8) When you’re finished configuring the settings, go to the Staff Members section, select your employee, switch to Advanced tab and enable the connection to synchronize staff member’s appointments with Google Calendar.

Finally, log in to your Google account and give the permission for plugin to access your Google Calendar.

Once you have granted  access to your Google Clander you will be taken back to Get Bookings WP Dashboard.

9) Set a Calendar:

A list with all your calendars will be displayed. You can set your custom calendar or set the default calendar of your account.


When you connect staff members to their Google Calendars you may see a warning that Google hasn’t verified the app.

This screen means that your Google Application hasn’t gone through the Google verification process. You may continue the process of connecting your staff, click on the Advanced and proceed.

To avoid this warning in future, you should go through a verification of your app on the consent screen of your application.

For current users, if experiencing syncing issues after adding new staff members:

Go to Bookly Settings > Google Calendar > Redirect URI. Copy the updated link and paste it in your Google API Console > Credentials > Web Application > Authorized Redirect URIs.

You did it in the past, and as the URI may change with regular updates of the plugin, you will occasionally need to tell Google API what new URI to authorize.

Please note: If you don’t set a calendar, the primary calendar will be used as default and you will see your appointments in your main calendar.

Allowing Staff Members To connect Their Google Calendars.


If you want to let your staff members to connect to Google Calendar you have to add an additional redirect URI

Please make sure that the second Authorized URI matches the user’s account URL in your website. This point is very important, otherwise the authorization will fail.

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