Getting started with GetBookingsWP

After activating the plugin you will have to set your staff, services, schedules and availability.

1) Creating Services

Click on Services link, then click on the “+” icon to create a category for your services

Now we need to create the services within this category.

2) Setting Company Schedule

3) Setting Staff

4) Setting Staff Availability & Services

Click on Staff link, then click on one of your staff members. You will see the Schedule tab at right side.

Once you have set the staff’s schedule you will need to set what services the staff member offers.



IMPORTANT: Capacity must to be higher than zero “0”.


5) Displaying the Front-End Reservation Form

Now that everything has been set, you will have to create a new page in order to display the booking form for your visitors.

Just create a new page and include the booking form shortcode.


Important: Make sure that the shortcode is not wrapped with “pre” tags or any other HTML tag such as “p”.



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